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About Us

"No person lasts forever, but books and ideas can endure." - Jim Collins


Our Story

When Bill Wylson originally founded White Horse Books in 1978, he envisioned a collection of quality, attractive books that proclaim the Gospel, invite the Spirit, and inspire readers into a deeper relationship with God. Today, White Horse Books publishes timeless messages from latter-day voices that challenge readers to approach life from a spiritual perspective.

White Horse Books is home to titles that give readers the information and inspiration they need to draw nearer to God and to live life more abundantly. Our writers relate spiritually critical, essential, and compelling concepts about our latter-day world.

Our Values

White Horse Books' purpose seeks to provide inspirational products that build faith, strengthen individuals and families, and entice all like-minded believers to invite the Spirit into their homes, their hearts, and their lives. White Horse Books provides a unique selection of materials tailored to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that are intended to inspire as well as provide practical guidance for those looking for spiritual comfort or understanding.


Our Commitment

Whether you’re looking to deepen your relationship with God, explore doctrine more deeply, or gain a better understanding of latter-day teachings, White Horse Books is here for you. We offer books and materials that can assist anyone on their gospel studies journey. Every book is carefully chosen to help bring about a deeper connection with Jesus Christ and His gospel. 

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